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Auron cosplay

auron-1Auron is a thirty-five-year-old warrior, attacking with various blades that fit into the Katana category. Shortly after the disappearance of Tidus’ father, Auron became something of a mentor for Tidus, watching over him from afar. In the game’s present day, he is one of Yuna’s guardians. Auron’s cosplay costume is composed mainly of a red robe with black padding and trimmings – the bright colors helps him stand out instantly in a crowd. He wears a black/dark gray pants and an undershirt with a distinctly high collar. For a beginner cosplayer, Auron’s costume may be quite a challenge to put together independently. Similar to Yuna’s costume, Auron’s outfit has quite a lot of small details and doodads (for lack of a better word). Try to get the main features down and simplify the rest. Some of the harder parts of his costume to make are his shoulder pad and belt parts. Unless you’re experienced working with leather, consider using alternate flexible material that looks similar to leather. Auron’s sword is another difficult project to tackle. Creating a massive sword of that size out of metal is pretty impractical (you’ll also be kicked out of the convention for bringing a real weapon); most cosplayers opt for ones made from painted foam or plastic. Other minor details to consider include Auron’s sake bottle tied to his belt, his cool shades and the highlights in his hair as well as a small pony tail.



Auron Cosplay Costumes

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